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International Sikh Youth Symposium - 2012



Sikh Youth (Speech) Symposium 2012: Sikh Youth Federation, Toledo, OH brings the symposium every year with an objective to provide a platform and promote the interaction with our history and culture via books and speeches,  among the kids and youth. It is open to all the kids and youth.

The Local Level Symposium will be held at the SEWA Gurdwara Sahib  .Date - TBD

2012 Symposium Books:
Group 1. Warrior princess I by Harjit Singh Lakhan (English only)
Group 2. Warrior Princess II by Harjit Singh Lakhan (English only)
Group 3. Khalsa Generals by Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh, Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana (English only)
Group 4. Martyrs -The Pride of Sikhs by Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana (Punjabi & English)
Group 5. Panth Dardiyo Kuchh Karo by Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana (Punjabi & English)

  1. If any participants of your center were awarded first position in the group in which they participated, they cannot register themselves in the same group this year. They may register themselves in the next higher group.
  2. 5th group participants are required to deliver their speeches at the local level even if there is only one participant. If there are two youth participating, they will compete and the first position holder will go to the regional level.
  3. The Symposium books for Groups IV and V are available in English as well as in Punjabi. Participants are entitled to get only one version of book – Punjabi or English.
  4. There are number of changes in the guidelines and rules. You are advised to go through each and every line of the attached 2012 Symposium announcement.

Please feel free to talk to the following for more details

  1. Gupreet Singh Malhotra - 858.610.8244
  2. Anantpal Singh Makkar - 404.819.4943
  3. Gurvinder Singh Rekhi - 770-831-0941