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SEWA Gurdwara, your guru-ghar, where you have raised your kids with the blessings of the guru and in the company of the Atlanta community is in need of expansion. SEWA’s mission always has been to keep sikh education and welfare of the entire community as its number one priority. Our sewadaars work selflessly in providing an abode where you can nourish your soul and the body, understand and sing gurbani, reach and comprehend the message given by SGGS,  learn to read and write gurmukhi, and understand our vast history which uplifts us all spiritually.

Considering the inconvenience of the growing sangat at SEWA Gurdwara, SEWA Gurdwara Sahib has embarked on the project of expanding its deewan hall. We come to you today to help us financially in starting this project. The new hall requires your dasvandh but sustains only with a strong foundation of gurbani keertan and spirituality.

Please donate generously for your Gurudwara that continues to provide our families with Sikhi foundations for future generations to come.